Eventing Market Rules:

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Eventing Market Rules:

Post by omegas7 on Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:56 pm

Event System MarketPlace Rules

This forum section is for Evented Systems. Basically, the product here is a game project containing a custom feature, completely written with event commands.
It is, however, allowed the use of scripts for enhancing your evented systems, but you will have to credit the script's author.
You can request evented systems here. If you do so, you will have to tell for which engine it is (VX or XP). You'll have to be clear with your request.
You can also open your own evented systems shop here, taking system requests in your own topic.

What could evented systems be like?
New features, minigames, or even introductory scenes. Anything that is made with event commands is considered an event system.

Why evented systems?
Because usually many, or most of the features you want for your game could be evented. Scripts are wonderful, but, eventing is a great alternative if no scripter is willing to aid you.


  • Create your evented systems in a game project instead of "explanations" of how the system works like. Upload, and distribute with ease.
  • Some people might find your event systems a bit confusing, so try putting enough comments in the event's structure.


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